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Hey Arnold! Arnold and Helga


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Hey everyone! I'm back with more new cool Legos I'm working on. Although my other projects have expired, I'm hoping for these new projects to make the approval so they can be official Legos in stores. So anyway this month, after watching the nostalgic TV movie Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie (The movie was great by the way), I made these 2 Lego figures from the famous 1990's cartoon itself. The first one I made was one of Arnold, everyone's favorite football-headed kid, and the other one I made was one of Helga, Arnold's pig-tailed bully on the TV show who secretly loved him.  As a kid I remember watching Hey Arnold on Nickelodeon, so it was definitely fun making these two figures.

Please support this if you're a huge Hey Arnold fan or someone who was born in the 90s and remembers Hey Arnold.

 I plan to make more new Legos soon, so be on the lookout for new Legos coming soon! Happy Holidays!

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