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Jedi Temple Dojo


The moment I saw the Jedi Temple Dojo in Star Wars: Rebels I wanted to recreate it using legos. Here is what I came up with, hope you enjoy. I am sure that the number of pieces can be reduced to slightly less than 2,000. The final brick count is 2150.

I think that the set is an amazing display piece that would appeal to all the collectors out there. With that being said I believe it also serves as a fine playset. 

Last 4 pictures represent an alternate version of the model with slightly more bricks. 

Minifigures that could be included in the set:

- Jedi Temple Guard x 2

- The Grand Inquisitor in a Jedi Temple Guard Armor

- Kanan Jarus

- Cin Drallig

When designing this set my main focus was to get as many details in as possible. I used the following concept art as my reference picture: (art #9)

If you like what you're seeing and enjoyed please show your support and let us make this set a reality! Thank you!

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