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Motorized Lighthouse


9000+ supporters! It's the home stretch! (+ Little update on water texturing)

Thank you all for supporting the Motorized Lighthouse and getting it beyond the 9000 supporters mark! This project has blown up in the past couple of months - we've welcomed more than 6000 new supporters since late August. The big 10K is super close!

I also wanted to show you this little update I did a while ago to add a few waves to the water:

It's a small addition to give some detail to the baseplate. Again, thank you so much - we're more than 90% through this part of the journey!


THANK YOU for 1800+ supporters!

THANK YOU everyone for your support throughout these past few weeks! Only a month after the submission of this project, there are already more than 1800 of us who would love to see this lighthouse become an official set!

Thank you so much for supporting and sharing this project with your friends and on social media! Here's to 8200 more!

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