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Star Wars: Yavin IV


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Welcome to Yavin IV, the planet from which the attack on the Death Star was launched. The scene in Star Wars Episode IV features all your favorite heroes: Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia and Luke. The scene even shows C3PO and R2-D2. In the hidden Rebel base are all your favorite Star Wars vehicles: the X-wing, the Y-wing, The A-wing and the Millennium Falcon.

Lego actually made a prototype for the Yavin IV Temple, sadly it never got published (pictures can be found online). I tried to make a better prototype which focussed on different features. The Lego prototype has an X-wing fighter, that doesn't fit through the gate. I made a slightly smaller version of the A-wing that does fit through the gate.  I also tried to make it more sturdy, and made the top two tiers removable. My version is a lot more cosy, but also lower in partcount. The set exists from 300 parts for the pyramid and 100 for the other items. 

For the characters I chose: Princess Leia, 2 pilots, a mechanic, General Dodonna and two guards. For the vehicles I chose an A-Wing and a small pilot/cargo transporter. The set could als feature stud-/arrow shooters in the turrets. The top floor is the decoration room, the floor below is the briefing room with a table and a Death Star mock-up. I designed the set so it also works without the base plate, supporting on the two plates on the sides and adding the turrets as seperate builds.

Have fun!


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