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Modern House


Modern House
The Story

I built this house for my children to play. I was asked for a current house, with all the usual rooms of a house. They also like superheroes a lot, so it carries a secret cave. They say it's Bruce Wayne's vacation home. They love it and have a great time with her. Her friends also like it when they come home, they always want to play with her.


This house is divided into 3 floors.
This is the secret Parking that is accessed through a moving rock and the secret access from the living room (under the small table)
In which is the entrance, the hall, the living room, the dining room and the kitchen.
An office, the bedroom, a bathroom and a terrace.

It is a flat roof with a skylight and air conditioning machines,

It includes an infinity pool with a glass side, a garden area and barbecue.

Number of pieces: I consider that approximately 3000 pieces.
The project can be divided into 2 parts. on the one hand, housing, and on the other the basement and exterior.

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