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Water Fall


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This is a model of beautiful water fall. I like water falls and decided to make one. When I built this model I was trying to make it look very realistic. Below are some features of the model: 

  • A beautiful scene
  • mini evergreen trees
  • it has many of the same pieces
  • it includes colors like green, dark grey, light grey, light blue, and clear
  • realistic rock walls
  • water falls
  • the model is on a 16*16 plate

I think it could be used for the following things:

  1. display
  2. scene for a stop-motion movie
  3. could be taken apart and used to make another model (your own creation)
  4. play

If you like it, please press the support button. I am also open to suggestions about what to add, remove, or change on my model. Stay tuned for updates. Thank you for reading!

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