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Dr. Seuss's the Grinch


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In the world of plastic, where imagination thrives,
A LEGO set for all - a Grinchy surprise!
In this Seussian adventure, let creativity soar
As we build, stack, and create like never before!

Included in this set, a wonderful treat,
Little Cindy-Lou Who, with her smile so sweet.
Max the dog, his antler secured by a band,
Pulling the sleigh through this Whoville wonderland.
Wearing Santa's red suit, the Grinch thought that he might
Go ride on his sleigh through the cold winter's night!

A LEGO set that that is sure to bring you glee
As you build a Whoville home, complete with a tree.
The Grinch might have trouble, in this wonder-filled town,
He'll get stuck in the chimney, and need some help down.

But the real magic lies in the secrets you'll find.
Hidden Easter eggs, oh, how they'll unwind!
In this Whoville home with colors so bright,
You'll find Who-Hash, Green Eggs and Ham, with delight!
A Truffula Tree, in a pot near the bed,
And a certain cat's hat that is striped white and red.

If this LEGO set is to be real some day,
Your voice is the key, so please have your say!
With ten thousand supporters, our goal is set,
Click that "Support" button, you won't have regret!

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