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Straddle carrier


This straddle carrier is a non road going vehicle for use in port terminals and intermodal yards used for stacking and moving ISO standard containers. Straddles pick and carry containers while straddling their load and connecting to the top lifting points via a container spreader. These are capable of relatively low speeds (up to 30 km/h or 18.6 mph) with a laden container. The workers that use this machinery sit at the very top seated facing the middle as they can see behind them and in front of them.

This model is 12" wide, 15.4" long and 15.7" high. It is operated with one motor and a gearbox:

  • The straddle carrier can be moved forward and backward,
  • the container spreader can be moved left/right and up/down.

The container can be locked manually. The container is compatible with the reach stacker (set 42009).

There's a video on YouTube, that shows the straddle carrier in action:

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