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Trailside Museum

Being in the great outdoors and visiting National Park is one of my favorite hobbies. Yosemite National Park is my most visited National Park. Glacier Point is one of my favorite spots in the park. Being a hiker, how I love to be able to be in a resting and sheltering place while enjoying the view. So I choose this subject as my first entry. This is also where nature meets man's buildings, where my passions for natural and architectural beauty meet. And LEGO is my favorite building medium, which allows my vision and imagination to soar.

This build also include some interesting features based from my memory of the place, and some wish to have items base on my own hiking experience. There is a fountain on the side which can be hikers can refill their much needed water from a long hike. Water is a top on the needed list for hikers, and water quality high up in the mountain is precious like bottled at the source. There also is description plate structure which often found in vista point informing the hikers and visitors about the surrounding geological and geographical features such as list of mountain peaks, coordinates, and tree rings.

Uncovering the roof, one can see a long bench, more descriptions in two brown standing structure as well as on the wall. Customized print can be added to educate the visitors about info such as natural and human history of place, past photographs, or even list of some memorable donors.

This build includes two figurines with a backpack, side bags, hiking sticks, a water bottle, a pair of binocular, a SLR camera, a compass and a dog.

For those who have being on the trail or ever visit the Glacier Point would know, it is hard to come by a place where such nice rustic structure exist. Also inside this stop, it also contain may historic facts and info as it is also an open museum to stand test of time and nature. Whether to take a shelter from a hot summer sun or unpredictable afternoon thunderstorm on a mountain top, or wait to enjoy the memorable kodak moment by watching clouds and waterfalls miles away and the famous sunset over Half Dome with someone you love, there is no other place I want to be. I would think this such simple cute build will be a great product for many to enjoy and to celebrate what it symbolized.

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