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LEGO Old Town Square Playset


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Please note that this set contains 2999 pieces, and therefore falls only just below the maximum number of 3000 pieces for LEGO IDEAS! LDD and BOM files available for verification.

LEGO® Old Town Square Playset

A fantastic set for all to enjoy, the Old Town Square Playset includes: The Medieval Clock Tower, the Renaissance Market Hall, a row of three historical buildings (including a café) with colourful façades, and a grand Neo-Gothic Town Hall. This set includes eight minifigures, including a police officer, a tourist, and a rather suspicions-looking character (standing around the corner of the Market Hall!).

There are many reasons why I believe the Old Town Square Playset would make an excellent LEGO IDEAS product:

The buildings are of different historical architectural styles, giving the Old Town Square not only a look that is aesthetically pleasing, but also a varied selection of buildings that are fun to construct. In this set are presented varying levels of “expertise” required to build the models; the aim here being to engage not only children of different ages to be involved with its construction, but also to involve the “adult-enthusiast”; the younger or less experienced LEGO builder may find the colourful smaller constructions exciting to build, whilst the more experienced LEGO builder may find the Neo-Gothic Town Hall more of a challenge.

The model includes several baseplates, including two road plates, and the buildings provide much space inside to play with the included minifigures and also any other characters that the LEGO collector may already have (perhaps there may be a Star Wars convention going on inside the Market Hall!). There is also plenty of space for the collector’s vehicles which may have previously lacked a built-environment in which to put them.

As well as appearing attractive for display, the LEGO® Old Town Square Playset, as the name suggests, is intended to encourage youngsters (or even adults!) to play with the finished model, acting out various storylines / scenarios with minifigure characters in their new environment. The set is also modular, in-part, so it can be rearranged to suit different table spaces and/or provide flexibility, if combining with other models in a layout.

The parts inventory in this set provides an excellent selection of bricks to build with. It encourages the LEGO builder not only to go on to actively experiment with new variants of the models, but also to follow through with their own model ideas. Whilst the buildings presented here generally have a “smooth finish” to them, no attempt has been made to completely remove the traditional aesthetic and appeal which one may experience when seeing at first glance that this creation is made of LEGO! Leaving studs visible on roofs, etc., simply enables more places where minifigures and/or additional LEGO pieces can be positioned.

This set also hopefully encourages the child to think about different architectural elements and styles, whether it be Neo-Gothic, Renaissance or Medieval. Models in this set were loosely inspired by buildings still seen today in the old town squares of Prague (Czechia), Krakow (Poland) and Brussels (Belgium). No religious buildings have been included solely because I feel LEGO should be non-religious, non-political and all that.

The set includes street furniture items such a post-box, cycle-rack with 4 bicycles, seating, litter bins and ornamental trees. The building interiors provide plenty of space to add interior furnishings (e.g. interior accessories for a library, a hotel, or an indoor-market, and so forth), whilst the model’s baseplate areas provide space for further additions (e.g. a fountain, or a statue dedicated to Ole Kirk Christiansen (1891 – 1958), founder of the LEGO® Group). So, this set not only encourages inclusive building fun, and endless hours of play, but also new ideas within the imagination.

The LEGO® Old Town Square Playset is sure to be a timeless classic which can be enjoyed by all, both with building and with play, for generations to come!

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