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Old-Fashioned Car


The Old-Fashioned Car is one more vintage model to decorate your shelf!

This is a generic car designating several car models produced in the early decades of the automobile industry, especially those built in the 30s. The project is characterized by high bonnets, spoked wheels, slender tires and striking headlights, beyond the traditional second color on the sturdy side panels. A vehicle with the unmistakable silhouette of genuine old cars.

The scale doesn't follow the minifigure proportion, however the internal space can hold a driver. The building contains around 200 bricks, including: 2 chairs, 2 flags, 2 rifles and 4 hands!

- Unfortunately, my LEGO collection doesn't have "Dark Stone Gray" rifles to make the car exhaust which I wish.

I hope you like and support this LEGO model to turn it in a real set! Take time to check my other buildings!

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