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Lego Olympics


This project celebrates the Olympic Games.  The project features a 3D model of the Olympic rings sitting on top of a tile mosaic world map.  Running, jumping, swimming, skating, and skiing around the rings are Lego minifigure Olympic athletes.  The 20 minifigures showcase 16 Olympic events.

Summer: athletics - relay race, javelin, swimming, diving, boxing, taekwondo, archery, rowing, women’s gymnastics - beam, and men’s gymnastics - parallel bars.

Winter: alpine skiing, speed skating, hockey, curling, ski jumping, and luge.

I envisioned the project primarily as a display model, but there’s opportunity for creative play and experimentation as you develop other minifigure athletes.

Approximately 2,900 pieces.

Hope you enjoy the model – thanks for supporting and sharing!

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