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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Captain Holt's Office

This project is inspired by the fan favorite TV series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The project depicts the  famous office of Captain Holt, located at the Brooklyn's fictional 99th Precinct.

This would be a great set to have not only because of the play ability but also because it can be used as a decor, appealing to wide target audience of the show's as well as Lego's enthusiastic fans. This project allows to recreate iconic scenes form the series and encourages people to come up with their own creative scenarios.
The front part of the wall is detectable. This allows to showcase the inner details of the room and increases the play ability. This project also includes the iconic Captain Raymond Jacob "Ray" Holt character portrayed by Andre Braugher.

Part count: 704

Thank you for your support in advance.

by hamdiTR

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