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Retro Robots


This build was inspired by a rewatch of some old science fiction movies and was meant to capture the spirit of the late 60's and early 70's image of 'the future'. Part Start Wars 'Gonk', part Huey, Dewey and Lewey from Silent Running, and a nice glowing Hal-9000 eyeball all leads to a trio of tracked toasters.

All 3 of the robots you see are remote controlled via an IR power functions remote, with a battery pack powering two m-motors over an adder-subtractor drivetrain to drive the tracks.  Getting all the motors, battery and drivetrain into such a small package was quite the challenge! 

The final build will include all the parts to build ONE of the robots seen here.  Please add a comment to 'vote' for you favorite color! 

Below is a video of one the robots in action, ready to maintain space things and terrorize small pets. 

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