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Godzilla! King of the Monsters!

It's Godzilla! King of the Monsters! in LEGO form! Featuring 4 accessory side builds including his atomic breath, a micro scale fishing boat, and a micro scale train. Fully complete this Godzilla stands at Just under 10 Inches tall and is just over 15 inches in length. All together consisting of 725 parts including the side builds.
I have been a fan of Godzilla since I was a toddler and I wanted to build a LEGO Godzilla that would've been the perfect action figure for me to play with growing up. This meant I needed to give my LEGO Godzilla the most articulation I could in order to have a Godzilla that can pose in any way Godzilla can. Even in a swimming position.
With both LEGO and Godzilla on a rise in popularity internationally its surprising we've never seen these two collaborate on a project before. Godzilla has been a cinematic icon and a staple to Japanese culture since 1954. With over 35 films in the franchise along with a new one set to release in 2024, This would be a perfect time for a LEGO Godzilla.

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