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U Liotru - Elephant Fountain - Catania

The LEGO Ideas project based on the Elephant Fountain in Catania, called Liotru, is a set that faithfully reproduces the iconic monument in LEGO bricks.

The set includes all the distinctive details of the fountain, including the lava stone elephant, an ornate base, a large circular basin and Egyptian obelisk.

The Basalt Elephant

The Egyptian Obelisk

The Fountain

The Lava Stone Staircase

The set is a great choice for LEGO collectors who are passionate about Italian history and culture, as well as for residents of Catania, city of the Sicily region, who want to have a piece of their favorite city in their LEGO collection.

Overall, the set is a fantastic addition to the LEGO Ideas line and provides a unique opportunity for players to build and learn about Italian culture.

And now "mbare, ni viremu sutta u Liotru!"

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