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Hyrule Castle (The Legend of Zelda)


WOW! 80%!

Thank you all!



Beedle is waiting to start selling Lego sets based on The Legend of Zelda.



How do you like this stump from the Minish Cap game?

It would be cool to have it as a mini set in a small bag.
Of course, I cannot include it in my Idea in this form. But still, I added a minish-version;)
You will be able to see it when the moderators update the project.

Thanks for watching the project progress!


Small teaser

So, I edited the project to exclude custom parts from it.
Now I am waiting for the new version to be displayed on the site.

In addition, I have added some innovations.
First, I decided to include Moblins in the set. After all, they are Link's main enemies in all games.
The second innovation is pretty small. I would even say minish ... hehe
The third change is very happy. Hope it makes you smile!

I will not reveal all the secrets to you and will leave you waiting for the moderators to approve the changes.
Thank you for your attention!

And this is the updated cover:


Change is coming!

100% gluten-free version!
No more custom details!
Only good old lego!

Wait for a response from the moderator.



Beware! We are coming!


40%! it's almost half way

Thank you for your support! You are great!


30% passed!

Thank you for your support!

The Moblin Squad says hello to everyone who is waiting for the release of the Zelda Lego Set.


Hurrah! The project got 20% of the required votes!

When we get 80% more Tingle will turn into a real Forest Fairy!

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