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Bionicle - Takua's Journey


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Gathered friends, listen again to our legend... of the BIONICLE.

Over the horizon of a nearly endless ocean, a single mountain bellows smoke toward the sky. Getting closer you a huge Kanohi mask. Closer still you notice shapes moving on the beaches... A name appears in your mind...Takua...

Filled with iconic scenes such as Kini-Nui, Ta-Koro's collapsing bridge and working gateway, the Kaukau falls of Ga-Wahi, and The Great Telescope, this set is perfect for the nostalgic BIONICLE fan.

With no less than 2977 pieces, this is an epic way to relive the adventures of the Toa and Matoran on the island of Mata Nui, focusing particularly on moments Takua was present for. Land on the beaches and make your way to the Kini-Nui. Learn the secrets of Po-Koro and swim under the Kaukau falls and find the golden mask,or adventure beneath Ta-Koro. Awaken the Bohrok swarms and ride Pewku across the island. Battle the Rahkshi and fly into Mangaia with Takanuva on Ussanui.

7 Toa minifigures
6 brick-built Rahkshi
3 brick-built Bohrok, two of which come with working canisters
Matoran and Turaga
11 brick-built Rahi - Manas, Nui Rama, Nui Jaga, Muaka/Kane Ra, Tarakava, Ussal crab (Pewku)
3 Koro playsets that can connect in various ways
Kini-Nui playset that connects to all the other modules
Giant Kaukau waterfall
Kini-Nui head
(Masks used on figures are placeholders, as I like to be resourceful in my creation)

I designed this set based on images from the old BIONICLE novels, comics, movies and online games. Iconic locations such as Kini-Nui were represented differently each time they appeared, so I have crafted careful hybrids of the most iconic images that should appeal to fans of every piece of BIONICLE media. My favourite parts to design were the Bionicle heads, as I made my first one in 2010 and enjoyed remaking it with the new slopes, curves and wedge plates. The Kaukau was my favourite of the two as it uses a lot of "new" pieces from 2015 onward. There were several redesigns for the Toa Mata head found at Kini-Nui, and I ultimately went for one of the more basic designs to use less parts and make it feel more "Lego". Letting the studs become more exposed offers more play opportunities too!

This project started in 2018/2019, and has been something I have added little bits to over time, eventually copying all the parts into one project. I think the first thing I designed was not the head but the great telescope, if we are looking far back into my past as a Bionicle fan. It was what I remembered most and what I always wanted to recreate. In recent years the perfect pieces have been made for it, so it was nice to finally be able to complete it in a way that felt accurate.

Planned Updates/author comments:
As some may know, I actually had to resubmit this project as it was nearly 2000 parts over the limit!
When I cut back I managed to free up enough space to implement the updates it needed, so I am happy to announce this won't be needing any updates. The Rahkshi and Kohrak are added now, and any new ideas can go somewhere else :)
The limits helped me realise what was really essential to the project, so you can now enjoy a trimmed and perfected story, with no brick wasted!

Thank you for reading!

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