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Raven Tavern Battle


Nepal 1936.

Indiana Jones is on a mission to recover the headpiece of the Staff of Ra, which was in the possession of his once friend, Abner Ravenwood. It was never going to be easy. Indy finds himself in a pitched gun battle in a flaming tavern, 'the Raven', trying to rescue Marion Ravenwood from his evil competitors!

It was a great scene in the original 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' but it never made it into a Lego set...until now!

The set features a bar, a fireplace/fire-pit, a selection of tables and benches (which can be flipped over in the ensuing battle to shield the combatants) and various flame elements.  Several of the flame elements would be on mini-bases of their own so they can be quickly added or removed to show the progress of the fire.

The headpiece of the Staff of Ra is, as in the film, a medallion on a table, getting very hot in the ensuing fire. Will Toht find it and if he does, is he daft enough to pick it up?

The set would come with 6 mini-figures; Marion Ravenwood, Indiana Jones, the evil Major Toht and three henchmen. Toht also comes with a unique accessory, a hot poker (which will no doubt start the fire). Indy carries, as always, his trademark fedora, pistol and whip. The bar features various bottles and dubious potions and a removable wooden keg.

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