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Sailboat at Sea

I have always loved ships as well as the ocean. I wanted to design a build that had a lot of action so I thought that a small sailboat surrounded by huge crashing waves might be a good idea. I started by rebuilding a sailboat model that I had made months ago then I made some changes to the sails and keel. I mainly tried to replicate a sloop ship from the 1600 - 1700s. After this, I tinkered with a couple of different ways to allow the boat to sit on the waves at a slight angle. Finally I looked at several pictures and paintings of sailing ships in storms in order to visualize how to build the waves.

  • 1057 pieces
  • 8 in x 16.5 in x 12 in (21 cm x 32 cm x 41 cm)

I think that this would make a nice looking display model for fans of sailing ships. I tried to use relatively simple techniques while still making a model that looks complex. Therefore, I think that both new and experienced fans could enjoy this.

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