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Coraline - The Pink Palace


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I present to you my build of the Pink Palace from the movie 'Coraline'. Coraline is one of my favourite movies, due to both its creepy story and the incredible work used in the production of it. I knew this would be a challenging build, as I had to make sure that my design would do the movie justice. I have been working on this for a very long time, at one point I had to take a break from it so i could go back with a fresh perspective. The house is very grand, but I wanted to create balance between the size of the set (for affordability), details within the set (can't include a basement apartment but needed to include something for Miss Forcible and Miss Spink) and to also include a degree of playability.

From the front we can see the Pink Palace Apartments in all its glory. Then on the reverse you can see the detailed interior with iconic moments from the movies. Other Mother is in the kitchen ready to welcome Coraline with a cake, and Other Wybie is stood by the door ready to play with Coraline. Next is the living room with the entrance to her normal world, which features the cockroach cupboards and spiderwebs from when the Other Mother reveals her evil side.

On the next floor is Coraline's other bedroom, which has details including her doll, her shelving unit with toys and the photo of her friends back home. The hallway with the trapped souls of children and her Other Fathers study with his magical piano.

Then sitting just above, I have included a small nod to Forcible and Spink in the tower, with two dogs and a bowl of candy where they made Coraline's seeing stone. Next to them is Mr Bobinskys grand circus, with a cotton candy cannon, popcorn ferris wheel and his magical performing mice.

I worked hard to ensure each space is a testament to the film's design and story, with many details like the mysterious door, the well-known doll, and her cat companion. I hope that you enjoy my design and let your imagination get lost in this Lego set.

This set contains 1,707 pieces.

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