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Outdoor Fitness

It's time for the citizens of Lego Town to do some healthy exercise at the park! This design is a representation of those urban green spaces with fitness equipment where everyone can go to do some workout.

Based in my own experience with roller skate and bootcamp groups, I wanted to show how these activities are not only focused on taking care of the body, but also are perfect for socializing in an open an healthy environment. I think these are great values for a Lego set to instil in children as well as the adult collector. According to this, everything is at minifigure scale and intended to play with, though I've also pursued an aesthetically pleasant scene that works well as an exhibition piece. It is a stand-alone set but can be combined with modular Lego buildings.

The set includes:
- A structure with horizontal bars and ladder for suspension exercises, push-ups and pull-ups.
- A free area for various fitness and bootcamp activities with mats, dumbbells and tires.
- A climbing rock.
- A half pipe for skaters.
- A flat surface with cones for roller skaters to practice slalom figures.
- A running lane with night lights.
- A bike lane that runs along the edge of the park.
- Walking lanes and gardens with plants and a tree.
- Some useful urban equipment: lampposts, a bench, a drinking fountain, a vending machine with refreshments, and trash cans.
- A bunch of minifigures of different ages ready to sweat and have fun!

I hope you like my idea so much as I have enjoyed designing it!

--Designed with BrickLink's Studio--

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