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Italian Street: An Italian Modular Building


Hi Everybody! Thanks for checking out my product idea!

***This build is 2,987 pieces***

My LEGO Ideas submission is a LEGO Expert Modular compatible set inspired by Italian architecture. I got the idea after submitting my first ever contest entry, where I depicted a tourist traveling through a small Italian village. This gave me the idea and motivation to build a bigger set. On the ground floor, minifigures can visit a delightful antique shop. One floor up, they can explore their palette with delicious  pizza in the pizzeria, and on the top floor, they can end their day with refreshing gelato. Floors two and three also have seating areas for the minifigures to enjoy their food.

Antique Shop
In the antique shop, minifigures will find many golden and brass lamps, dressers made from oak, pottery of all colors, and a stunning, antique armoire. When they look on the walls, they will see paintings of birds, butterflies, ships and bridges. A glass case containing a glimmering pink gem sits on the checkout counter and will catch the eyes of many minifigures. In addition to the many antiques, the shop also has an intricate floor made of golden-orange, light, and dark blue tiles.

Above the antique shop lies a pizzeria. This small and quaint pizzeria makes up for its size with its scrumptious pizza. The pizzeria includes a black and white tiled floor, and a toppings counter where minifigures can create their very own pizza masterpiece. Once the toppings are on, the pizza is thrown into the fiery oven and cooked to perfection. The minifigures can then sit down at the small table and enjoy their pizza. Yum!

Another floor up minifigures can find the gelateria. The sweet smell of strawberry, chocolate, mint and berry fill the room as the minifigures contemplate which tasty flavor to buy. The floor is lined with purple, lavender, and pink colored tiles, and the room is filled with colorful potted plants. The store is also equipped with cups and cones. The gelateria can also sit four hungry minifigures, waiting to dig into their mouth watering treat.

Seating Areas
On floors two and three, there are small seating areas where minifigures can sit down and eat their food, or just relax and look out onto the beautiful Italian landscape. These areas have hardwood floors.

I included six minifigures in this set (above photo, from left to right): A male tourist, a child, a female tourist, the owner of the gelateria, a chef, and the owner of the antique store.

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Thank you so much for checking out my product idea! I really hope you like it, and if so, please press that support button, and share this idea with friends if you like it! I think this would make an awesome set because both the exterior and the interior look great. This build is also very detailed, and is a lot different than many of the other LEGO Expert Modular sets. Lastly, this set would look great alone, or as a part of any LEGO collection. If you have any suggestions about what I should change, add, or get rid of, please let me know in the comments so I can improve this build. Also, keep your eyes peeled for updates! Thanks once again! 😁👍

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