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Prison Outpost


Off the coast of the city lies the Prison Outpost, a complex to hold the worst of the worst. This model was inspired by the idea of the LEGO City prison island sets, but does not use too much of the same style. 

It consists of two main buildings with a walkway connecting them. The leftmost side (gray building) contains a waiting area and a small jail cell for interrogation. The rightmost side (white building) consists of two floors. The first floor contains a hallway and the chief cop's office. In the hallway floor is a lift-able trapdoor which leads down to the lower floor: the main prisoner cell. This has wooden floors, four beds, and a toilet. 

The roofs of the two buildings can be accessed by ladders from the outside. The gray building's roof has AC and Power Units. The white building's roof has a heli-pad, Power Units, and communication arrays.

The entire island is built upon a rock. There are three small trees and a dock branching off from the rock.

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