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Supergirl: Battle for National City


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Supergirl to the rescue!

Livewire and Silver Banshee are staging a take-over of National City, and have kidnapped Cat Grant!  It’s up to Supergirl to save the day once more and keep the people safe from harm!  Based on the (now) CW show, ‘Supergirl’, the all-female villain team-up have begun their reign of terror in National City Park, and Supergirl will need to find a way to take them both down.  Launch Supergirl into action on the Super Jumper, and save the NCPD helicopter from Livewire’s electrical barrage.  Then, neutralize Silver Banshee by using the Disc Shooter to break apart the pavement and knock her down, before using the fire hose to finally put a stop to Livewire!  Includes 4 minifigures with accessories: Supergirl, Cat Grant, Livewire and Silver Banshee.

  • Includes 4 minifigures with accessories: Supergirl, Cat Grant, Livewire and Silver Banshee.
  • NCPD helicopter features opening side doors, rotating blades, detachable floodlight and room for multiple minifigures.
  • Accessories include Livewire’s electrical blasts and handcuffs for Cat Grant.
  • Spring into action with Supergirl on the Super Jumper!
  • National City Park setting features Disc Shooter and collapsible lamp post.  
  • Use the Fire Hydrant and hose with Stud Shooter attachment to short out Livewire’s electric powers.
  • Combine with (upcoming) The Flash: S.T.A.R. Labs to recreate the Flash and Supergirl team-up from Episode 18 of Supergirl’s debut season on CBS, ‘Worlds Finest’.


Designer’s Notes:

  • What better way to celebrate Supergirl joining the CW for its sophomore season than with a LEGO Ideas set!?  This creation follows my first LEGO Ideas submission, Arrow: The Cave (found here:, with multiple CW sets on the horizon for submission.
  • The model’s piece-count currently sits at only 180 pieces.  Think of sets similar in size (and cost) as 76040 Brainiac Attack and 76025 Green Lantern vs. Sinestro.
  • Deliberately designed as a smaller, more accessible set for younger fans, or those not inclined to buy sets based solely from the television series, the minifigures I have chosen to include are those that are unlikely to appear in any other set in LEGO’s DC Super Heroes line.  Minor villains throughout the DC Comics, Livewire and Silver Banshee are given greater arcs throughout Supergirl, while Cat Grant also seemed like a logical inclusion for a much-desired all-female set. 
  • I considered various scenes and settings for the design of my Supergirl set (such as D.E.O. Headquarters), including characters such as Jimmy Olsen, Red Tornado, Indigo/Brainiac 8, Non and Maxwell Lord, however assumed many fans would like to receive ‘classic’ variations of such figures before these CW ‘variants’.  I also heavily considered including the show’s unique incarnation of Martian Manhunter (/Hank Henshaw), however thought my set may then appear too similar to LEGO’s 76040 Brainiac Attack, and given the choice of my inspiration of the S01E18 ‘Worlds Finest’ scene, would not be show-accurate (though I’d still love to see him produced in an accompanying polybag set, such as the official LEGO 30603 Batman Classic TV Series – Mr. Freeze).  Original characters such as Winn Schott Jr, Astra In-Ze and Alex Danvers were omitted due assumed preference of original comic characters and likely a general lack of interest from potential consumers.
  • Originally, I planned for the set to also include a NCFD Fire Engine, however quickly abandoned that idea, to reduce the set’s piece count and keep the set at a largely affordable price, instead including a newly designed fire hydrant as a placeholder.
  • The set is specifically designed so that it can easily be integrated into other LEGO sets and themes for maximum creativity and playability, especially LEGO City and other Super Heroes sets.
  • Please note I have not included the necessary minifigure prints and piece decals on builds, especially the helicopter, in order for viewers to use their imagination and so as not to detract from my build.
  • Note that due to LDD’s issue with colouring the recently added dual-molded leg piece, both Supergirl and Silver Banshee’s legs in the final images have rendered incorrectly, and are unable to be fixed.  Supergirl is intended to have Dark Stone Grey upper legs and hips (representing her tights) and New Dark Red lower legs for her boots.  Silver Banshee has Black upper legs and hips, and White boots.
  • Regardless of the eventual result and eligibility of my project, I hope that this design inspires others to create their own models and designs, be it for Supergirl or any other project they wish to design and hope to come to fruition.  If there is sufficient demand, I will upload the .lxf file online and link in the description for those who wish to make their own modifications or physically build the model.
  • I’m still only fairly new to the program LDD to POV-Ray Converter in order to render the final images, so any suggestions to improve quality (especially lighting) are definitely appreciated.
  • Comments, suggestions and questions are welcome!


  • Coming Soon...  The Flash: S.T.A.R. Labs and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The WaveRider.

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