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Castle by the River

I have built a castle that is next to a river. It has a nice covered bridge for soldiers to get to the castle. Then it has 4 layers, a basement for the soldier's sleeping quarters and prison,1st floor for the kitchen and dinner room, 2nd floor for the wizard's room with a balcony, and then the roof with 3 towers for defenses and roof top access. The yard by the castle has pigs, a horse, and the a well. Then a big wall to shield the castle. Over the bridge there is a forest with a dragon flying threw it. The path leads to a soldier guarding the entrance to the bridge. Then there is a boat sitting in the river. On the back side of the bridge the is a little river with a water fall. Under the dragon you can see a treasure chest hidden deep in the forest waiting to be found.

If you press down on the plant that would be in the hole in the corner near the wall it opens a secret wall with a skeleton in it.

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