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Country Real Estate/Merchandise Store

This is a multi-purpose business here, farmers hardware, banking, real estate, insurance, every thing for and to do with farming. Elders is an Australian brand very commonly found across the land down under.

Tool rack, pump on display and irrigation parts as well.

Photocopier and computer terminal.....the manager is also the estate agent readying himself to go to auction.

Such a set would retail for about 20 dollars US, would fit either a city or town layout.

Remember just because it's what it says in the title, you can change the building into any kind of office or shop using components contained in the set.

Like it, support it if you wish.
Thank you for looking.

Here in the above image is the project set on a typical country town road.
As you can see it would fit perfectly with any of the recent city buildings......even the 2008 Town Plan.

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