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Contagion Kruser 4

Hello everyone! Findel14 speaking.

The Contagion Kruser 4 (kroo-zer) from SUPERSLICK! This new Space-fighter is built for easy handling and control while still retaining size, strength and fire-power. With triple wings the Contagion Kruser 4 is perfectly stable even when belting out lasers and torpedoes from is impressive armoury. Before supporting the Contagion Kruser 4 have a look at what we at Superslick have crammed into it:

>Ultron Canons
>Tri-wing Design
>Vatco Rocket Thruster
>Dual Lasers

Have a look at the details:

As you can see there is quite a lot of detail on the body. The wings and front use side ways building and the area under the top tail fin is hollow to make it a bit lighter and cheaper. When I designed the Contagion Kruser 4 I thought that red with black and grey worked really well together but I am hope that you will agree that these other colours would be epic too. Please tell me on the comment page which you like best.

Solar Red
Jet Black
Saturn Orange
Royal Gold

Now some other details. The build is about 133 bricks, 17cm long, 17.5cm wide (at the back) and 8.5cm tall. I originally built this spaceship using real Lego bricks but then I reconstructed it on LDD (I really recommend doing this). Here are the original photos (Sorry that the tops and bottoms are cut off. Cuusoo does that for some reason).

The tri-wing design means that the ship can land two ways. Either flat (like above) or on the end (see below). The latter looks awsome although technically the pilot can't get in his cockpit! The cockpit can seat one minifigure comfortably provided he's not to fat!

Thanks for looking! This space ship is awesome but there are loads of others around CUUSOO. Here is my favourite, the Ottoaster. Take a little look.

Hopefully more Space ships will be out soon from SUPERSLICK. In the meantime thanks for looking! Please support.

Superslick Galactic .Co