Product Idea |

Green Lantern


Dear Lego fans,


I 'm now a new project of mine again. 

This is our favorite superhero the Green Lantern.

You know him from various films or comics.


To my model, I can say that it can be moved at all joints. 

Whether it's the head that can rotate and tilt, 

yet the arm or legs, everything can be moved.


I hope you like it just as well as I like it.

And you all have a joy because we want to but be honest,

each of us would like to like the Green Lantern, a superhero.


I hope I can count on your voice, would be really happy.


Thank you all and continue to build a lot of fun.


Should you have more suggestions or wish tells me about it,

and I try to implement.


I try more models for you set purely, 

so if you want something in particular says, 

humble and I try and implement.


your Baybee

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