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Georgian Country House

This is the greeting in sunny Georgia. The country of Georgia or Sakartvelo is known throughout the world for its amazing culture and nature. And of course with its unique architecture. That is what my project will be devoted to.

The architecture of the project
My set is dedicated to a typical country house in Georgia. Each country has a special detail in architecture, which gives it a unique charm. In Georgia it is undoubtedly the carved balconies. Any self-respecting Georgian, be sure to have a balcony. And not just any balcony, but necessarily with a carved ornament. There they are called "shushabandi". 

Almost all Georgian country houses have two floors. I tried to restore the interior of such a house and made it in two parts, so that it was more convenient to interact with it. There is an entrance hall, kitchen, bedroom, living room and of course a balcony and gazebo. 

If you look closely, you can also see some features of culture in the interior. In the kitchen you can always cook and eat delicious "khinkali" and "khachapuri". Behind the house there is an outdoor oven, which is called "tonet". And of course, what a country house without pets, cats and dogs, of which, incidentally, in Georgia, very much. And yes, it is not hair) This is just a man's headdress, which is called "papaha".

I think this set, will be a great addition to your kits. In addition, your other characters in the sets can always visit this house, because Georgia has always been known for its hospitality! 

I hope you like this idea. I look forward to your support and comments! I wish the best of luck to everyone on the site) Thank you!

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