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RoboRex is the perfect LEGO set.

RoboRex has many moving parts including fingers, arms and leg shield.

RoboRex also has many appealing features like four laser cannons, a jetpack, radiators, fuel tank, arm mounted blasters, and more.

It was a great pleasure to design this set because I learned so much in the process, and share it with you.

RoboRex would be an excellent success to LEGO because it is easy to assemble, affordable because it has no decorated parts, pleasing to the eye, and will remind adults of what LEGO used to be. I would keep the set design simple. On the front of the box, I would prefer having RoboRex in the center, with a backround of a city at night. On the back, there would be a photo of a 2 in 1 set, which the instructions would be found online.

RoboRex is a great set to support.     Please consider tapping that Support button, it makes my day, and someday, LEGO's day too!

Thank you in advance for your support!

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