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Lego Legend of Zelda (1986 - NES) Adventure Kit


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What you're looking at today is a remake of Nintendo's classic, The Legend of Zelda; which released on the NES in 1986. Did you ever wish you could have your own Legend of Zelda adventure with Lego?

This Lego Legend of Zelda Adventure Kit comes with an Overworld complete with overworld monsters, landscapes, a merchant, and a secret cave with a Sword and Old Man. Also beyond the Labyrinth entrance there are 6 dungeon rooms. The overworld comes off in 4 separate plates which rest atop the dungeon rooms stacked up. Each room has locations for pins and technic bricks to customize the order of rooms you'd like to setup. Also as a centerpiece a replica Zelda Game cartridge, golden like the original cartridges. You can display the Cartridge on stands to make it appear as though it is floating above the overworld in the heavens, or you can display it on the Display columns used for the kit's minifigures. The display columns can also be repurposed as play set pieces for all kinds of Zelda adventures maybe more akin to Zelda 2 platforming ;)

Included enemies are, Octoroks, Tectites, a Zora, Darknuts, a Zol, a Vire, a Gibdos, Armos Wallmaster, and a Stalfos. You'll get items like hearts, a bomb and boomerang, a potion, a bow and arrow, a ladder, a piece of meat, a flute, a magic wand, a candle, and a key as well as a special block for fire and cloud sprites. There will be a Boss room with Manhandla waiting to battle you, and a piece of the Tri-Force in the Tri-Force room. Beware though, some rooms have traps like hidden walls for Wallmasters to pop out and grab you! Also included is an inventory plate for you to store all the items you discover, and some empty spaces for you to fill with your own items. Turn the inventory plate around and there is an Item room you can use for your adventure inside the labyrinth. Also, along with getting Link in his iconic Green Tunic, you will also have him in his Lilac tunic and Red tunic! And a Shadow Link? From Zelda II: Adventures of Link?YES!
You can also build your own hero from the included pieces you can use to remake a new hero such as a Zelda Warrior instead of the traditional link!
What adventures will you have?
Will others go on to tell the legend of your journeys?
You'll never know until you go forth and begin your quest! Onward adventurer!!

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