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The Vase


The vase "is a decorative work. The vase itself is inspired by the famous Dutch "Delft Blue" vases that were found in Dutch households for years.

In this vase I have built five different kinds of flowers.

The height of the vase is 35 cm. The structure consists of many different blocks, but it does not reach the maximum of 3000.

Unlike a real bouquet, I can now enjoy these flowers in the house for an extra-long time.

Building is in my genes, in combination with my great admiration for art and nature I came up with this idea. It started with a single flower, before I knew it (about 8 hours later) my idea had got its final shape.

People who love Lego, like to create. This vase allows you to bring your own work of art home. You could even expand it with your own Lego collection and imagination.

This Vase is unique in its kind, because it is a work of art in itself. It's a bit different, no average bouquet, plant or sculpture on the table. This vase fits in every "Lego loving" household, but also in the office, for example.

My son already loved one loose flower, but was amazed at the end result. This is what Lego is good at, inspiring and encouraging people to create. Bring Lego into your home.

Who doesn't want a piece of Dutch glory on the table?

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