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Spud Ninja - A Game About Potatoes


Once upon a time, there was a potato, who wanted to become a ninja - the most awesome ninja potato that ever was! He then seeks you (and player 2) to train him in the art of the ninja and you prescribe training as the path to his goal by cutting down evil ninja barrels! Only when his training is complete does he graduate from potato to spud ninja!

Spud Ninja is a fast paced, 2 player game unlike any other! It also very simple to learn and very odd. It’s a game based purely on 2 things: the ability to not blink, and chance.   

Game Set up:

  1. The game cube has 6 sides, and there are 2 flat circular tiles(1 gold, 1 gray) and 4 flat square tiles (2 gold, 2 gray). You and your opponent must take turns in placing your tiles on the dice. A staring contest will begin, whoever blinks last is the 1st person to chose a color (either gold or gray) and the 1st to place his tiles, then players take turns in placing the tiles accordingly.

  2. There are 6 barrels, each barrel must contain a 1x1 round flat tile, there are 5 gray tiles and 1 golden tile. Place 1 in each barrel and shuffled accordingly.

  3. The sword is placed at the center jumper plate (black).

Game Objectives:
To win the game, you can either do one of 2 things:

  • 1st player to get up to 5 out of 6 barrels.

  • The instant both players have 3 barrels each, all players must reveal their barrels and the player with the barrel that has a gold coin wins.

Game Mechanics and Flow:

1.) Spud ninja has 3 slots (jumper plate) to place his sword namely gold (left side), black (top), gray (right side).

2.) Each player takes turns to roll the 6 sided dice. If the sword is already on a jumper plate that matches the color on the dice, the player of that jumper plate color (gold or gray) must get a barrel from the stockpile. If the sword is not on a jumper plate that matches the color on the dice, move the sword to 1 jumper plate towards the color on the dice.

3.) Each roll of the die can only move the sword or pick up a barrel and not both.

4.) If a player rolls a circular tile of the same color as the player’s team (gold or gray) he can choose to either steal a barrel from the other player, or use his turn normally (as stated above the circle acts as a square side of the same color). If he chooses to steal a barrel, he must place the sword on the opposing color’s jumper plate.

5.) Play alternately until the objectives have been met.

Set Includes:

  1. Spud ninja game board - a potato ninja

  2. Mystical sword of chance

  3. 6 barrels - with 5 gray coins and 1 gold coin

  4. 1 game dice - 3 gray tiles, 3 gold tiles

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