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Thomas the Tank Engine — Powered Up


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May I introduce myself? My name is Thomas.

I'm sure most of you have already recognised me, despite those rather awful and embarrassing red wheels.

Everyone around the globe, young and old, knows and loves Thomas the Tank Engine, created by Wilbert and Christopher Awdry. He even got his own TV series and films. Need I say more? Thomas is a great toy, and there is no greater praise!

My humble self (the Lego incarnation) started out as pure practice for what my dear builder affectionately calls advanced building techniques. Only from time to time, when he was stuck with his oh-so-important big steam locomotive (a huge, rude, pompous fellow if you ask me), he would return to me to disrespectfully disassemble this, change that or just to play around.

I once stopped talking to him for six months after he used one of his workarounds to finish my face and apologised for the disaster by blaming it on an innocent missing part (which wasn't even there at the time).

All in all, he really tried hard and even made progress on rare occasions.

So here I am:

  • powered up, motorised and with full lighting: headlight, rear light and crew compartment light. When kindly requested by the powered up app, this includes a nice fire flickering in my firebox (hub lighting). Just press the golden whistles to switch me on!
  • very, very fast on standard Lego tracks by combining a regular Lego train motor with big steam locomotive wheels. I have to slow down at the curves.
  • capable to switch from acting to action mode by simply replacing my rear link coupling with a standard magnetic Lego coupling.
  • featuring a variety of purely brick-built details, including all windows, my stylish red and yellow line ornaments and of course the well deserved yellow No 1.
  • equipped with a modular design that allows me to quickly change my look from printed to built facial features to the more authentic smokebox of my E2-class alter ego of the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway. Small adjustments and a click are all I need to show a wide range of emotions:

Before I forget, I would like to point out on behalf of my builder that I am only a product idea and still in development. Please also note that my face and name prints are photo montages and far from perfect.

Of course, my dear builder never intended for me to go on stage. I even had to beg him, and you'll never guess what convinced him in the end. It had nothing to do with the fact that the original me is a world-class celebrity. As it turns out, the missing blue wheels (not to mention bright yellow instead of brick yellow panels for my upper door frames) bother him almost as much as they bother me.

So, all it takes is 10.000 votes! 
Please press the support button and give me back my blue wheels ... and my dignity!

Thank you in advance!



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