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Yellow Castle Lookout


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Hello all! I'm Campanelle and this is the "Yellow Castle Lookout".

This design was inspired by the original Yellow Castle.

I designed this set in Studio 2.0. All photos are rendered images.

375-2 LEGO Castle was the beginning of an era and the reason we have the incredible castle sets we have today. I wanted to pay homage to that original set with modern building techniques and pieces.

I focused on keeping the look true to the original, choosing colors mostly from the original pallet like yellow, red, black, green, and pink. As well, this new design needed to keep the ability to open on a hinge to create a wider castle and allow entry to the interior.

This set also pays homage to Forestmen's Hideout, using a rolling boulder to reveal a long-forgotten Forestman cave, as well as a black tree.

The Build

The "Yellow Castle Lookout" is found in a rich forest. The land is covered in greenery, slowly overtaking the lookout walls, which are beginning to deteriorate from age.

Inside the lookout is a rich interior with room to cook, a map to chart, a small library, a prison cell, and a prison key. The key is out of reach of the cell door, but luckily pushing on the torch in the prison reveals a hidden door that leads to the forgotten Forestmen cave, and freedom for the prisoner.

Above the cave are stairs that lead to the second floor, the perfect place for archers to hold off enemy attacks. Finally, a ladder brings you up to the lookout tower.

"Yellow Castle Lookout" includes 3 minifigures. 2 Yellow Castle Knights, and one captured Forestman.

1124 parts were used, not including 4 Minifigures and their accessories.

Thank you to anyone who likes this design. And thank you to Lego for continuing to inspire.

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