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Pythagorean Theorem


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What is it?

This is an image of “Pythagorean Theorem” and the “Proof of the theorem”. I think it is one of the most famous theorems in mathematics.


Why did I build it?

I came up with this idea when I was talking with my son about the pyramid. Ancient people were using this theorem to get the right angle of the pyramid. I made this image with Lego Blocks to prove the theorem.


Why do I believe this would make a great LEGO set?

It would be a great educational tool for teachers and students in junior high school.



When there is a right angle in a triangle, we can use the Pythagorean theorem.


The equation is below.

a^2 + b^2 = c^2

note) a^2 means “a” squared


Picture 1 shows the image of the Pythagorean equation.

Red square + Yellow square = Blue square

Picture 2-10 show how Red and Yellow squares are the same size of Blue square.

Picture 11 is the proof of the equation.


I hope you will like it!!


Thank you!!

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