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Colonial American Inn (Updated)

This is a model of a colonial American inn. Run by the kind innkeeper (the woman in the sand blue dress), visitors from far and wide are welcomed, no matter who they are. Visitors can enjoy a delicious meal of Turkey, veggies, and a cup of cream soda, which is stored in the barrels behind the counter. Once they're nice and full, they can rent a room consisting of a bed, dresser, bookshelf, side table, and plenty of room.

This idea comes with four minifigures: A male and female soldier, the innkeeper, and the town master (in the green overcoat). This model was originally built for the LEGO IDEAS X Target contest, but I missed the deadline, so I updated it and put it on here, instead! This is inspired by my visits to colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, and I captured many aspects of colonial living and architecture.

This build consists of 2,100+ pieces, and was very fun to build. Please support and share to get this idea to 10,000 supporters! Also, please comment below if you have any helpful ideas, and maybe they'll appear in an updated version of this idea in the future!
Have a good day.

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