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Nikon F3 Film SLR Camera


Two minor fixes

Here are two minor fixes I made to the model this afternoon, both fixes have been applied to the files available from rebrickable.

First fix: Although not many pieces are available in silver, the 2x4 tiles which I used for the mirror are, and I figured it would be good to have that silver, even if the others couldn't be.

The second fix I made is to an issue pointed out to me by a commenter on, who noticed the shutter looked square, and that it should be more rectangular. Two piece changes later, the shutter is now almost exactly the same dimensions as on the actual camera. 


1000 Suppors! Articles! Lens Added! Instructions! Parts List!

Wow, 1000 supporters, I can honestly say I didn't think this model would make it. 

A few days ago I got an email from, a film photography website, asking if they could post an article about this model. I said sure, but with ~850 supporters only 12 days until the model expired, I didn't really see the point at first. But, you guys surprised me. The model reached 1000 supporters within a day I think (thank you!!!), and you guys just kept on supporting. 

As well as, also posted about this model, so a huge thank you to the guys over at those sites, and it looks like also posted about it. 

Because of all the support this got recently, I decided to finally sit down and make a lens for the camera like I promised I would do when I first created it. The lens is designed to look something like the 50mm f/1.4 I use with my F3, though without the fine details it could be any small Nikon prime lens. The lens can easily be attached or taken off, and is connected with two clips, making it strong enough to stay on, but not too hard to take off. I also saw a post on reddit saying I should add the MD4 motor drive, so that may be coming soon as well.

I also replaced the silver pieces with white so that you can actually build the model if you wish (should cost approximatly $100 plus shipping from bricklink). It doesn't look quite as nice without the silver in my opinion, but a real life model is infinitely better than a CAD one. Instructions for that and a parts list are available over at

I think thats all I have to say. Again, a huge thank you to everyone who supported recently, and whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Saturnalia, something not listed above, all of the above, or none of the above, happy holidays, have fun in the snow (or not if you're in the southern hemishpere), and happy new year to all!