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Historic Tram

Dear friends, come closer and get on the historic tram. Look out the window and enjoy the center of Prague.

This tram model was inspired by a historic tram, that organizes traditional sightseeing tours in the city of Prague.

The Lego model follows the proportions and visual appearance of a real tram.
The number, divisions and aspect ratios of the windows are preserved. The entrance step imitates a wooden board. There is an option to hold on to the golden railing when boarding. Troll for connection to electricity. cables is located on the retractable roof. The interior of the tram is decorated in wood colors with seats on both sides of the car. The dashboard including the levers is part of the open area.

The model contains 6 figures.
The tram driver is dressed in a historical uniform. Due to the age of the tram, the passengers are tuned to a historical appearance, including lantern-type accessories.

I created the model in minifigure scale. The drive is designed in such a way that it can be replaced with a motorized chassis and thus the model can be used on lego tracks.

This model fits perfectly not only in the street of modular houses, but in all lego cities.

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