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LEGO Pagani Huayra


This is a LEGO Pagani Huayra.  It is white (just because is a good base color) and has very detailed parts like the rear part , and also the original rearview. The front part is close to the real Pagani Huayra. It shows very well the main features of Pagani's firm in the front and rear part.

The wheels are like LEGO Speed Champions sets. The exhaust pipe is made up with 2 lego binoculars. All bricks showed are frecuently used Lego bricks. The rearviews are 2 mini antenas turned 90 degrees. The windscreen is a 4x6x1 1/3 W/STUDS, very oftenly used in Lego Speed Chsmpions. It is a 6x18 wide car. It has space for one minifigure.

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