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Micro Track


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Enlarge your micro world with trains and track!

August 2016 rock99rock wrote a very nice article on my LEGO Ideas micro project:
“Very heavy micro trains”:
In the article! he wrote:
“Unfortunately this method does not lend itself well to a curved track…”
I already had ideas on curved track but those 3 dots in his article put me into 5th gear to make this new project. So I’m proud to present: Micro track

-To display the simple train that is included
-To display your own trains based on the chassis that are included
-To create  and invent all kinds of track elements like crossings and switches
-Build any track you like with multiple sets for your micro scale environments.

A set contains 2x12 modules with catenary to make either:
a straight track,
a half circle with variable radius
a left or right switch
a combined left right switch
a 900 crossing
a crossings in various angles
flexible curves

A set also contains:
a complete railway crossing
bricks to build over 5 different locomotives
3 wagon chassis
some trees
2 sign posts
Electrical switch box
a micro man
some handy bricks to make switches etc.

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Regards  Stephanix

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