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Luxury Fishing Yacht (With Realistic Stern)

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Luxury Fishing Yacht is a 40 feet long sport fishing boat (sport fisher 🐟), is a type of power boat designed for recreational fishing by anglers (with rods and lines 🎣). This yacht is equipped with a stern made of heat treated cedar wood. It is fitted with a chair fixed to the deck to which a rod can be secured. Alternatively, other rods can be used by hand or mounted. It also has a long, high foredeck leading back to a rear-set cabin, which has a flybridge set above. ðŸ“¡

Introducing Naked-Eye👁3D animated png. This innovative rendering technique was exclusively developed for this project. More 3D apng will be added to the updates tab of my three projects.
🚢 Titanic movie parody 🎞 🤭 🎨🖌Jack💑Rose🌹

Naked-Eye👁3D effect.
You can zoom🔍 and pan↔️ these 3D images.

Realistic stern design 😱🎣🥨🦈

🛥 Luxury fishing Yacht is used for angling on open water 🌊, often while travelling at speed. 🚤

🚢 Titanic movie parody 🎞 🤭 🎨🖌Jack💑Rose🌹

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