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Train Bookends

With these bookends it looks like a train is on its way through a tunnel in your books, console games, DVDs or whatever you got. They could also be placed up against a wall on your shelf or a mountain in your LEGO city.
The steam train has a very classic look and the build comes with 5 minifigures - a train driver and 4 passengers. The roof on the locomotive and train carriage can be lifted off for access to the minifigures inside. On the sides of the carriage it says "Book Express". The tunnel openings have overgrown greenery to give them a natural look, and the signs above the tunnel say "Book Tunnel".
As you can see in the last picture the bookends have rubber feet to prevent them from sliding. Weight bricks have also been added. Each bookend has a weight of about half a kg. A good weight when combined with rubber feet.
The books depicted are mainly to illustrate how it would look and they are not meant to be a part of a set. Maybe a few of them could be added.
The illusion of a train on its way through a tunnel in your books is very intriguing. It could be a short or long train depending on the number of books. It's a build with a practical use and it's also great for display and playability.
I hope you like my Train Bookends.

Number of pieces: 1038

Size of each bookend:
Length: 168 mm (6.61 in)
Width: 112 mm (4.41 in)
Height: 141‬ mm (5.55 in)

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