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Playable whiteboard/fridge magnet

I would like to see some small magnet sets that can be used for play.

They would need a small horizontal baseplate (say 12x4 and/or 6x4) fixed to a support structure with magnets. This baseplate can be attached to a fridge or whiteboard (or any other suitable metal surface). Because of the size of the baseplate, I believe that a suitable support structure can be designed with enough magnetic power to stay attached. It does not need to carry much weight.

Added to this I would like
- a few minifigures,
- some basic bricks
- a few slopes
- some utensils and/or weapons.

None of these parts are glued to the magnets or baseplate.

The set should be designed such that it can be used to express emotions and simple play situations. It can for instance be used to express emotions about notes posted on a whiteboard (or fridge, or ..., you know what I mean). Also it could be used for a bit of play by posing a scene, and other people can react to that by adjusting the scene or adding to it. Over time a small improvised story could develop.

It would provide a simple tool for showing opinions and emotions or it would provide a small fun interaction between people who pass a certain point over time.

Finally, an open box (like whiteboard marker-holders) would be needed to hold the currently unused pieces. Preferably, add some studs to it to continue play :-)

I am sure there are many, many better ideas than my fast-drawn image here.
Your comments are welcome :-)

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