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Star Wars Battle Bike


About This Project:

This project is my Star Wars Battle Bike. It is a heavily armored front line assault bike. It's a fast and hard hitting bike that is agile and can conquer all terrains. The Battle Bike carries just the one pilot to keep size down. There are two weapons for the pilot stored on the back end of the bike. It has two cannons on the front for offensive weapons. The Battle Bike is well suited against slower enemies that it can hit and run without even taking any damage.

Play Features:

  • It holds one minifigure.
  • Holds two minifigure weapons on the back end.


  • One minifigure.
  • Two minifigure weapons.

I think this bike would fit nicely into the Star Wars Lego Universe. I also think it's cool and it was fun to create. Please support if you like it.

Thanks for the support.

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