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A Slice Of The Woodland

One of the most interesting and fascinating ecosystems on our planet, the woodland is a spectacular sight that hosts a wide range of incredible and diverse creatures, so that everyone can experience the mystery and beauty of these animals, I have created a large set with 5 different and iconic animals in their own special environment.
The first animal I have included is the majestic barn owl,watching over atop its branch it can be seen amongst beetles and a colourful caterpillar. The head is adjustable allowing it to be positioned as you wish,
The second animals I have added are a pair of cute hedgehogs, they can be seen surrounded by flowers and plants. They are also accompanied by a little pond with its very own dragonfly.
The third animal is a rare but beautiful red squirrel, easily adjustable, it can be positioned however you wish, on top of its log is a ladybird and the set features a small ladybird, a group of flowers and a toadstool.
The fourth animal is a small frog on top of a lily pad. This is found surrounded by water with a bulrush and a water lily.
The last animal is a spectacular painted lady butterfly, with moveable legs and wings you could position this suspended in midair or on top of the stunning pink flower that comes with it.
All of these separate sets have been made to inspire and amuse but together they are eye catching, a talking point and a brilliant reminder for many of us about what is outside in our world.
Thank you for your time and please support the Slice of the Woodland!!

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