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Science Lab Kit

This LEGO Science Lab Kit will make you feel like a true scientist!
The set includes a working Centrifuge (that spins rapidly when you flip the red switch on the front,) a Test Tube Holder with LEGO rubber pieces to hold the tubes in place, and a Bunsen Burner with a working flame control knob.
I designed each part of this Lab Kit to look like the real counterparts would. The centrifuge isn't quite to the scale of a real one (but hey why not have a tiny one, if it works.) It contains a power functions battery box and single PF motor to make it turn. And it spins SUPER FAST.
The Bunsen Burner uses a simple cam mechanism to raise and lower the orange flame piece. Giving the effect that you're actually turning up the heat! The beaker can be removed from the bunsen burner. And the test tubes can be removed as well.

I designed this on my Youtube show Brick Science in just a couple of hours, I’m super happy with how this turned out.

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