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Black Dragon Knights' Castle


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Hello dear visitors

The Black Knights is my first and best LEGO castle theme.
So I decided to create new Black Dragon Knights castle for my castle mini figures.
You can find many details in these pictures.

There is something similar to the old Black Knights castle, many parts of the castle design have been redesigned and created. 

This castle consists of:
  • The castle including the gate tower and the castle keep
  • 12 black dragon knights (4 heavy cavalries, 4 archers and 4 knights)
  • A blacksmith, a clown, a squire, a barmaid
  • A hidden ghost in the haunted tower
  • 3 trees around the castle

Basically, the number of knights is 12, which is the same as the old LEGO castle product.
In addition, 4 villager figures have been added for fun.

This product idea contains many interesting things for LEGO Castle fans.
I hope you get the various pleasures of LEGO castle theme with this product idea.

  • A drawbridge and  a latticed gate at the castle gate tower
  • The separable training ground with a castle tic-tac-toe base pattern and a dummy knight
  • Red roof castle keep. The interior is decorated in classic lego castle style.
  • A hidden dungeon under the castle.
  • The haunted tower. The door of haunted tower opens and a ghost appears automatically in one lever action.

Thank you very much for supporting this product idea!
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