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Lego X-Men Blackbird

The Lego X-Men Blackbird serves as the X-Men's primary form of transportation. The Blackbird has been upgraded numerous times over the course of the X-men's history. Later versions of the Blackbird feature technology created by the mutant inventor forge, as well as alien (Shi'ar) technology, including weapon systems, holographic active camouflage, and hypersonic engines.

I have done a bit of upgrading, more seat room in front, engine bay, and re shaped the long access of the plane for improved durability. The Lego Blackbird is a large scale vehicle consisting of 374 pieces. The Blackbird features removable cockpit panels to reveal flight controls and additional seats. The Blackbird can fit up to 7 mini figures, features a rear cargo bay, and engine room. Blackbird also features 6 flick fire missiles located under the wings.

passenger compartment

engine room

full open view

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